The Climb to God

(image via David Marcu)

(image via David Marcu)

In this season of miracles, again I find myself asking the question, "Why do we fight over God?" I have no easy answers, but the best image I have of this seemingly endless struggle comes from the philosopher Jacob Needlemen.

In our search for God, he says, metaphorically we are all climbing the same mountain and trying to get to the same peak. The peak, of course, is our connection to the Divine. This mountain called God is so large that it extends at its base from the arctic all the way to South America. The people who start climbing in the arctic dress for their journey in heavy parkas and thick boots. Those in South America wear pith helmets and shorts. As each group approaches the midpoint the weather starts to change for both. Those from the north start taking clothes off, and those from the south start putting clothes on. Finally, when they each reach the top, they find themselves identically dressed.

Whether Jew, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu or Muslim, the tenants of love, forgiveness, compassion and divine connection are the same. This year, as you are wandering around the bottom of your mountain, remember all others climbing. Take a minute to consider ultimately how fruitless it is argue how to dress and instead seek the similarities of all journeys. Then with anticipation and hope look for your fellow travelers at the top.

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