Begin a foolish project. Noah did. 


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Work With Me

If you want something different, someone who can help you create the kind of movement and change that comes through drive and delight, and meets your needs with creative and experienced advice, let’s talk.

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Your meetings need to be a workhorse, driving outcomes with full participation. But a meeting isn't enough. What do you do afterwards? My expectation, whether your team is composed of three people or six thousand, is that they understand what they just did, they know what to do next, and why both are important.

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COaching the person

Now you've got your organization focused and aligned, what about you? Are you as successful—and satisfied—as you want to be? There are times you need someone to go to, for counsel and advice, outside your organization. Your life, your lifestyle and your work—all gears that need to mesh well. Yesterday, development was a luxury. Today it's crucial.

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Strategic Planning

A great plan is a great start. But planning is not doing. Doing is doing. And the secret to great doing, is great thinking. How an organization introduces, manages and makes that plan a reality is what defines success. Do you want an expensive binder that gathers dust on a shelf? Or do you want your people to "get it," knowing what it is, and what to do? Make your next planning process one that gets results.

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An entertained mind is an open mind—because it shifts people's contexts. Getting attention is half the battle. Using magic, stories and even fire-eating, lifts the burden of forced change and replaces it with the gift of exploration. I believe in what Meister Eckhart advised, "Change through delight." I guarantee my work—if you're not delighted, pay nothing but my expenses. Here are a few of my most popular talks.


Four Rules to a Simple Life

Do you ever find yourself running like crazy just to catch up, and thinking, "There must be a simpler way"? We live in challenging times, and the resulting lack of balance extracts a constant price on our physical and mental health. Here we ask the question, how do I make my life simpler? Inspired by remarkable stories and a model for understanding "right" living, we explore the path to take us through complexity to more of what you want. You'll learn ways to enhance the quality of your life—and how to return to a happier way of being.
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Are you drinking the water or the wave? They'll both stop your thirst, but one will kill you! The way change is introduced and managed critically influences commitment. Based on my book, Lightning in a Bottle: Proven Lessons in Leading Change, I focus on the essential strategies that leaders need to manage during these very tough times. Here you'll learn models for planning transition, recognizing and minimizing resistance, and monitoring the consequences of doing or not doing. It's about practical actions, and useful framings.
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What They're Saying

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Organizational consultants are many, organizational magicians few — and David Baum is one. His magic brings people and organizations into alignment with their true purpose and allows best performance to flow naturally — as if by magic.
— William Ury, International Mediator and Author of "Getting to Yes"
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He doesn’t teach you what to think. He helps you figure out how to think.
— Nancy Aossey, President of International Medical Corps
He’s a lighthouse of a human.
— Colleen Clark, Director of Optimistic People at Life is Good
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Working with David was my highlight of 2017.
— Daniel Wolfson, COO of the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation


For many years David has done amazing work for us. He is one of a kind, with an approach that truly delivers message and heart.
— Michael McCain, CEO of Maple Leaf Foods
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A fantastic speaker, our people loved him.
— Peter Nordblom, President and CEO of Nordblom Company
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That guy’s got the stuff to him. I could tell.
— Jim Harrison, Author of "Legends of the Fall"
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